Top Five Summer Reads for Teen Girls


     Summer vacation is just around the corner and this means more time for leisurely reading. Chances are you have been searching for books to read by the pool or in my case by the lake.  In no particular order here are my top five summer reads for teen girls.

1.Every Bride Needs A Groom: Janice Thompson
This is a hilarious romantic comedy about a girl who wins her dream wedding dress the day her boyfriend breaks up with her.  The plot unfolds from this point with believable characters and a surprisingly good aesop as well. It is written from the 1st person narration and truly feels as if an actual character is narrating the story.  This book has no violence or frightening scenes. 13+

     2. The Girls of Fire and Thorns: Rae Carson
Shifting over to the high fantasy genre, The Girl of Fire and Thorns is an excellent high fantasy that stands on its own.  It has the best character arc I have ever seen in a fantasy novel. The characters are believable and the world is nicely fleshed out.  I highly recommend this one for the fantasy lovers.  There is some fantasy violence, intense scenes, and parts that can be very upsetting. 16+

     3. Scarlet: A. C. Gaughen
I love Robin Hood legends so Scarlet was a delightful treat. It follows the story of Scarlet, a lost soul who has found refuge in Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men.  I can’t talk too much about the plot without giving important details away so I’ll leave it for you to read. The narration is well done, and I really feel like Scarlet is telling us her story instead of a stock narrator. Scarlet has realistic violence.  Plus,  quite a few intense and upsetting scenes. 16+

     4. The Fill in Boyfriend: Katie West
If you are looking for a clean romance then The Fill In Boyfriend is for you. This book chronicles the aftermath of a girl who gets dumped in the parking lot on the night of her senior prom.  I really like how this books explores the insecurities of being a high school graduate and examines family relationships.  The story is far fresher than I had expected.  There is nothing potentially upsetting in The Fill In Boyfriend, but there are a few non-detailed kisses and some mild,  dating drama. 13+

      5. Princess of the Midnight Ball: Jessica Day George
This book is a combination of the nice romance and adventure story with a little mystery woven in. Princess of the Midnight Ball is a well written retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  I love this book because it has an interesting way of filling in some of the holes in the fairy tale. It is funny, exciting, and romantic.  All of the sisters have their own personality even the twins (which as a twin I am very appreciated of).  This book has quite a few intense scenes but very little violence. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fairy tales. 12+


  1. This is very well thought out and put together. I look forward to seeing more like this along with future posts.

  2. I LOVE Scarlet!! I really need to finish that series ASAP.

    The only other book on here that I own is The Girl of FIre and Thorns, which I really need to read soon.

    1. Hi Bec,
      I am glad you enjoyed Scarlet. I am currently on the last book in the Scarlet trilogy, and so far it is excellent.


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