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Mara Daughter of the Nile Review

      Mara Daughter of the Nile was written over fifty years ago.  It tells the tale of Mara, a slave girl, in ancient Egypt who is purchased because of her ability to read and speak multiple languages.  While this may seem like a strange skill that a slaveholder would value in a slave, it is needed for the task picked out for Mara.  Mara’s new owners want her to spy on political enemies.  This dangerous role becomes even more perilous when through an unforeseen event, Mara finds herself playing the role of a double agent for two opposing political enemies!       I was required to read this book back in middle school, and I hated it.  I understood absolutely nothing.  As a result this book ended up collecting dust in my family’s attic.Eventually, one rainy day I decide to read it again.  As it turns out, I learned the lesson that just because a book is appropriate for younger children doesn't mean they will understand or glean the meaning of the story. 
Reading Mara Daughter of the …